• “Mitt” is a remarkable political artifact, an intimate look at the man who was the 2012 Republican candidate for president
    — ALESSANDRA STANLEY, New York Times
  • “..a spin-free picture of the personal cost of campaigning"
    — James Poniewozik, TIME
  • "Neither an indictment nor an endorsement, Greg Whiteley's profile of Mitt Romney is a refreshing departure from the combative tone of contemporary politics."
    — Geoff Berkshire, Variety
  • "….political junkies from both sides of the aisle will be riveted by the behind-the-scenes discussions and raw emotions at critical points in Romney’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns.”
    — JONATHAN CAPEHART, Washington Post
  • "Mitt Romney makes a riveting subject for a documentary..."
    " of the most interesting campaign documentary subjects in recent memory”
    — LAURA BENNETT, The New Republic
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